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The Quest for the Golden Fleece

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Jason and the Golden Fleece is a Troll Associates mythology book. It was written by C.J. Narden and Illustrated by Robert Baxter.

In this version Pelias is Jason's cousin, the golden ram was sent by Hermes, how Jason lost his sandal is unexplained, his childhood is skipped and the Argonauts are anonymous. Their only adventures en route to Colchis are the Harpies and the Clashing Rocks, both tied to Phineus. With Medea's help Jason wins the Fleece.

And then the book becomes dark. Medea slays her brother and her father's soldiers with sorcery. When Pelias refuses to relinquish the throne she tricks his daughters into chopping him into pieces. Jason and Medea do not live happily ever after but part ways after even more loss of life.

The book ends with Jason sitting below the beached Argo, thinking of old times. As those familiar with the myths know, this too ends in tragedy.


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