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The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Comic Books

The Golden Fleece is the 544th issue of the Classics Illustrated Junior series. It is a streamlined and cleaned up version of the Argonautica suitable for young children.

Jason's father, having lost his throne to his brother Pelias, brings his son to Chiron the Centaur. There he is trained in the heroic arts and excels. When he is old enough he embarks on a mission to reclaim his throne.

En route he loses a sandal. When he reaches his kingdom he demands his birthright. His usurper uncle, noting the missing sandal, agrees - on the condition that Jason brings him the Golden Fleece first.

A boat is built and a crew of unnamed Argonauts assembled. Without incident, they reach Colchis. The King agrees to give them the Golden Fleece, provided that Jason survives several mythic trials. With the help of Medea, Princess of Colchis, he does.

Together they return to Greece. His uncle surrenders the throne. Jason and Medea marry and rule Thessaly together.

At tale's end we have a fable by Aesop, a poem about daddy long legs, some big cat facts and a centaur to color.


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