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The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Graphic Novels

Colors are used brilliantly in Campfire's graphic re-telling of Jason and the Argonauts, especially the color red. Sankha Banerjee's art is fluid, boldly heroic and incredibly immersive. The style and talent of this particular artist definitely contributed much to my enjoyment of this particular tale.

I love the myth of Jason's voyage and have many personal ties to it. The Quest for the Golden Fleece is one of my life's Guiding Myths. I have taken the trip with the crew of the Argo countless times: through bedtime stories, the oral traditions of my people, factual and fictive tomes, comics, graphic novels, movies, video games, RPGs... and my own extremely vivid imagination.

Occasionally I share the Voyage of the Argo with others.

Though this myth is very much a part of me, Dan Whitehead's storytelling drew me into an overly-familiar adventure and allowed me to experience it anew. His words, partnered with Sankha's art were a heady combination and perhaps I've become addicted to their collaborative effort. On my first run, I read through this graphic novel three times in a row and have read it again several times since!

The selection of variants from the source materials was indeed wise and made for a uniquely told and well-knit version. It came full circle after telling the entire tale. The portrayal of the Sown Men as zombies and Talos as a steam-punk robot were great personal touches that made me laugh aloud.

So much did I enjoy the collective vision of Campfire's creative team on this work that I will be recommending it beyond these pages by sharing it with my library-gamers throughout 2017.

Bravo Campfire! 


Review by Hercules Invictus

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