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Golden Fleeced

by Jason Colavito

I love our popular culture's growing literature on Ancient Astronauts, especially works that mine Greek Mythology. I certainly don't believe everything I read but I really enjoy exploring the speculative scenarios woven by the authors of these tomes.

When I was growing up, long before these books were written, I was taught about Minoan Crete's plumbing and toilets, plus ancient automatons such as Talos and Hephaistos' golden women. I also knew that there were mechanical wonders in the later Hellenistic age as well. The Antikythera mechanism is a surviving relic, and tangible evidence, of these times.

Jason Colavito, author of Jason and the Argonauts Through the Ages and The Orphic Argonautica, tackles the veracity of the claims made by Ancient Alien theorists in his e-book Golden Fleeced.

The first section dwells on Atlantean facts and fallacies. Conversant with the source material and the evolution of the legend, Jason deconstructs several popular theories from Ignatius Donnelly to Robert Freund.

The second part of Golden Fleeced is a review of Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery with a focus on Temple's use of the Argonaut myth in his thesis. Although seemingly backed by serious scholarship, The Sirius Mystery is shown to rest on very shaky foundations.

Though I enjoy interacting with the lore and will continue to do so, I greatly enjoyed Jason Colavito's deconstruction of the living Greek Mythology that is emerging in our day and age.


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