Mount Olympus Presents:

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

Mystical Throne Entertainment Contest:
Write an Ancient Greek Omen


We invite you to compose an Ancient Greek Omen, one that is enigmatic and provides opportunities for innovative game play.

An Example: a Golden Apple falls down from a tree. Any hero trying to pick it up will fail. From a nearby anthill comes a legion of ants. Sharing the weight, they actually manage to lift the apple and carry it into the anthill.

Gilbert Gallo, Creator and Author of the Mythos RPG, will judge all entries for Game-World authenticity and select the Winner.

We will use the Winning Omen in one of our FREE Library Games. Submit all entries to

Start Date:

Sunday April 16, 2017

End Date:  

Sunday April 30, 2017


Mythos: Hero's Handbook - Savage Worlds Edition - Paperback

Mythos: Epic Gamemastering - Savage Worlds Edition - Paperback


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