Mount Olympus Presents:

Argonauts of the Celestial Realms

Living Folklore, the Paranormal and Greek Mythology

UFO Entity Enigma

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During this ten-session adventure we will examine the beings that have been associated with the stars, planets and strange aerial phenomena (such as glowing discs) since the dawn of time in myth, legend, folklore, modern-day entity encounters and other anomaly experiences.

Session One: An Introduction

Session Two: Nordic Aliens and the Contactees

Session Three: Grey Aliens and the Abductees

Session Four: Our Reptilian Overlords

Session Five: Els, Elders & Elohim

Session Six: Gods and Planets

Session Seven: Lions, Owls and Other Starry Totems

Session Eight: Cosmic Angels & Ascended Masters

Session Nine: Demons, Djinn & Dark Forces

Session Ten: Ancient Astronauts & Our Alien Heritage

Session Eleven: Aliens Among Us: Starseeds

Session Twelve: Time Travelers

The Quest for the Golden Fleece

UFO Entity Enigma

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